Model Correlation, Updating and Validation Practices by Considering Uncertainties in Crash Analysis

Sîrbu, A.; Farkas, L.; Donders, S.; Van der Auweraer, H.; Negrus, E.; Jaeken, R.
ABSTRACT: A vehicle bumper concept is proposed to illustrate the work flow of the correlation, updating and validation processes by comparing the model to measurement results of a crash test. Model refinement by considering uncertainties was regarded as the next step towards model validation by using a non-probabilistic approach with the fuzzy finite element method. Internal coupling of explicit finite element analysis with the fuzzy finite element method was investigated by simulating the crash scenario of an equivalent discrete spring-mass system of the vehicle bumper with uncertainties. Conclusions are drawn from the effects of uncertain input parameters by using result outputs as the displacement history of force. Common practices for model correlation, updating and validation are firstly presented, followed by the uncertainty assessment of an equivalent discrete spring-mass system subject to impact, regarded as the next step for better model validation. The equivalent representative system of a crash scenario will be further upgraded to investigate coupling possibilities by adding damping, material nonlinearities, plasticity and integrated finite elements.

Proc. ICRASH 2012, Milan (Italy), July 18-20 , 2012 Back to Publication List

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