Towards Real-time Multibody Simulations using ARM-based Embedded Systems

Pastorino, R.; Cosco, F.I.; Naets, F.; Cuadrado, J.; Desmet, W.
ABSTRACT: The real-time simulation of multibody models on embedded systems is of particular interest for controllers and observers such as model predictive controllers and state observers, which rely on a dynamic model of the process and are customary executed in electronic control units. This work ?rst identi?es the software techniques and tools required to easily write ef?cient code for multibody models to be simulated on ARM- based embedded systems. Automatic Programming and Source Code Translation are the two techniques that were chosen to generate source code fo rmultibody models in different programming languages. Automatic Programming gives the possibility to generate procedural code from an object-oriented library and Source Code Translation allows to write multibody code in an interpreted language and to translate it automatically to a compiled language for efficiency purposes. Then an implementation of these techniques is proposed. It is based on a Python template engine for Source Code Generation and on a model-driven translator for the Source Code Translation. The code is translated from a metalanguage, which is also a Domain Speci?c Language, to any of the following three programming languages: Python-Numpy, Matlab, C++-Armadillo. Two examples of multibody models were taken from the IFToMM benchmark website: a four-bar linkage with multiple loops and the Andrews’ mechanism. The code for these examples has been generated and executed on two ARM-based single-board computers: the Raspberry Pi Model B and the BeagleBone Black. Using compiled languages, real-time was achieved for the first example and good efficiency was also achieved for the second example despite the low resources and performances of these embedded systems compared with the performances of actual personal computers. This work shows that Automatic Programming and Source Code Translation are valuable techniques to develop multibody models to be used in observers or controllers that are executed in electronic control units.

The 3rd Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics, The 7th Asian Conference on Multibody Dynamics, Busan (Korea), June 30 - July 3 , 2014 Back to Publication List

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