Dynamic FE-based method for concept modelling of vehicle beam-like structures

De Gaetano, G.; Cosco, F.I.; Maletta, C.; Mundo, D.; Donders, S.
ABSTRACT: Vehicle body structures are characterized by load-carrying thin-walled beam-members, typically formed by spot-welded panels, with sections variations and discontinuities that highly influence both the static and the dynamic behaviour of the entire structure. Vehicle body concept modelling is an active field of research. Different methodologies are available, either based on the geometric analysis of the spatial mass distribution at each relevant cross-section or on static finite element (FE) based characterization of the beam properties. This paper presents a new methodology for estimating the cross-section properties of automotive structures with a beam-like behaviour. It is based on a dynamic FE approach, which allows estimating the stiffness characteristics (e.g. quadratic moments of inertia, torsional modulus, etc.) of equivalent 1D beam elements, using the natural frequencies estimated by means of a modal analysis on the original 3D FE model of the structure. The proposed method has been validated through an application case, comprising the analysis of a thin-walled beam with double-symmetric cross-section, formed by two
spot-welded panels.

Proc. of ISMA2012-USD2012, Leuven (Belgium), September 17-19 , 2012 Back to Publication List

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